Look For a Lady Bug!



One day Julie was sitting in her living room and a lady bug kept flying around making her scream. It wasn't until her 9 year old daughter got tired of hearing her scream that her daughter catches the lady bug and set it free outside. Since then, we would buy Julie all types of lady bug items to make fun of her, such as a pillow pet, stuffed animals, little lady bug toys etc.. Before she passed away, Julie told her husband that she would find a way to let us know that she's okay, so be on the look out for lady bugs! Our family knows that Julie has been with us since her passing because we have seen an out of ordinary amount of lady bugs, in our rooms, in our cars and when we're out and about. 


On April 13, 2012 we lost a very important part of our family, Julie Valdez passed away at the age of 31 from a blood disorder that caused blood clots throughout her body. She is survived by 4 children and her husband.​ While dealing with her passing, we were faced with many questions from the children that we honestly didn't know how to correctly answer for their young ages. Afterall, how do you tell a 3 year old her mother won't be coming home? Seeing a need for an organization that will address these questions and provide a safe place for the children to have others to grieve, laugh, play and grow with in their community, Sunshine Thru The Rain was born in memory of Julie Valdez.